Satvik Wellness Holidays

For those looking at a non stimulating relaxing and de stressing vacation. This allows a person time and space for himself to live in and with nature, following a customized regime worked out for that person in mind using the essential principles of wellness derived from yogic and ayurvedic practices.

Today a person not only leads a sedentary lifestyle, but at the same time has to try to cope with an onslaught of a very stressful environment and a hectic lifestyle. This contributes to worsen his already frayed nerves.

When he looks for a break, it is often a holiday packed with a lot of sightseeing, splurging on rich and oily food. resulting in his being worse off.

Satvik holiday will help you relax and heal your mind, body and spirit, by a combination of appropriate food, lifestyle and yogic / esoteric techniques.

A relaxed atmosphere set amidst natural surroundings.

A beautiful ethnic ambiance.

Balanced, and tasty, vegetarian food

Yoga asana -practice independently or under guidance of an expert,, which will help in freeing the blocked energy channels for better health.

Aromatic, Ayurvedic or reflexogical massages for relaxation.

Before we entertain a request for the wellness holiday, we would like to have details of the person wishing to avail the same viz. age, medical fitness, relevant personal, social and professional details, as also the reason for choosing this plan. This helps us work out a suitable customized plan for the guest.
Duration : recommended for 15 days or longer. The following are the salient features of this plan.
A) PRAKRUTI NIRUPAN – The guests get to determine the diet suited to their particular body temperament based on ayurvedic texts.
YUKTA AAHAARThe guest is introduced to The Satvik ‘aahaar’, a tasty vegetarian diet which is healthy for the body, easy on the stomach, using minimum oil and spices. This would be made considering individual disposition and season, for the duration of the guest’s stay.

Thereafter on a daily basis the guests are introduced to…
B) Yoga asana, (optional) -relevant yogic exercises, which they practice independently or under expert guidance..Choice also of Outdoor activities -The guest takes in the ambience, tours around nearby tourist spots and does nature sight seeing. There are options of very interesting and picturesque day treks, hiking, boating and similar activities.
C) YOGIC & AYURVEDIC tips – techniques to relax,overcome stress and for greater vigour and endurance. (optional)

D) SNEHANA – Ayurvedic/ aromatic, acupressure massage of 45 minutes (optional and on payment basis)

The guests have a…
E) PARAAMARSH – Session of lifestyle management counselling to help them unite their principle objectives in life with such lifestyle that contributes to their health, peace and happiness.
F) AGNIHOTRA – (only with special permission, which needs to be taken before arrival) Witness the Agnihotra ceremony (offering of herbal oblations into fire along with mantra recitation) – the sound vibrations generated by the mantras and the fumes from the fire are beneficial to health This ceremony is subject to suitable weather conditions.

Price – please write to us to know per day on single occupancy and per day on double occupancy . This includes accommodation in a double bedded, bathroom attached independent room – with a private balcony to lounge overlooking a 270 degree panoramic view of the mountains .It also includes vegetarian / vegan Satvik meals and other features mentioned in the plan except massages, which are chargeable separately.

Time for plan – based on availability from February 15th to December 15th of an year.

Aditi Banerjee

Aditi Banerjee Corporate Tax Lawyer New York stayed for 4 weeks in Oct 2011
I whole heartedly recommend a visit to Satvik Sadan for anyone looking for a aptly named wellness holiday, yoga / Ayurveda therapy, a beautiful tranquil and spiritually restorative Himalayan holiday.; a yoga meditation retreat, self discovery and / or discovery of the ancient wisdom and knowledge systems at the root of Indo Vedic Hindu civilizations and traditions.
Everything at Satvik Sadan has been meticulously and thoughtfully designed to be conducive to one’s physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual well being – from the sacred location to the food, the disciplines and routines that are observed faithfully, the natural beauty all around, the every need and convenience is taken care of, so that one can focus on the higher things in life and most of all the tremendous amount of energy, compassion and tapas/ spiritual power poured into the Satvik Sadan by Shukl’acharya and Samrita.
What distinguishes Satvik Sadan from many other places dedicated to Ayurveda / yoga healing is the tremendous amount of sattwa that is generated and flowing here, which makes Satvik Sadan especially conducive as a place for retreat and healing. It is really like a rishi ashram from the days of yore and in addition to everything else a gurukul where one can learn gems from the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the Himalayan Masters.
Whether one comes to Satvik Sadan for a few days, a few weeks, or even months, one will certainly derive great benefits in every dimension of life. It is a rare opportunity in this day and age to be able to visit such a place and I urge you to try it for yourself .

Aditi Banerjee